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Located in East Hampton, CT. Pumpkin Town is a village hidden in the woods that features a community of lifelike Pumpkin-headed people. It is very apparent how much work went into making the pumpkin people, building the various props and setting everything up. Tours of Pumpkin Town are a treat for kids and grownups too!
Welcome to Pumpkin Town!Our work is never done!Ploughing the fields.I'm making homemade butter!May I have a dozen eggs please?Let's see if I can hit a "birdie."That golf ball looks like my head!Hard at work on the new "She Shed!"You weren't planning on having children, were you?School's in session!Time for recess!  Yay!"Left, right, left, right..."Last one to catch a fish has to row the boat!Another successful day on the hunt.Grandpa Pumpkin goes hunting...We forge the best horseshoes in town!"Aaahhhh!  Doesn't anybody KNOCK around here anymore?"Beautiful day for a hike!Wait for me, I want to go for a hike too!"Ow!  My  #$%*@#  Pumpkin Head hurts!