Oscar Dean Photography | Montford Point Marines
A special group of men who served the Armed Forces during World War II have finally received recognition that is 70 years overdue. These men, in addition to the horrors of battle, had to endure segregation and took their basic training at the deplorable conditions of Montford Point Camp. Despite these obstacles, they fought and risked their lives for the freedoms of all Americans even though they themselves were denied those very same rights. These African-American marines showed that they were just as capable as all others in the armed forces and this led to the President desegregating the military for people of all races and backgrounds. These men were honored on June 27 & 28, 2012 and my father, Leon Dean is one of them. I was there to capture this historic moment through photos which can be accessed below. Learn more about the Montford Point Marines by clicking HERE. The Official Montford Point Marine website can be found HERE. "Way to go Dad!" Mom, Alicia, our entire family and I are very proud of you! Oscar