Oscar Dean Photography | Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017

April 14, 2017  •  2 Comments

Spring has finally arrived and with it comes blooming flowers, green grass, leaves budding on trees and of course....Easter!  And so, as is customary here at Oscar Dean Photography, I have to get my dog Lizzie involved in celebrating the holiday by taking a formal portrait of her!  She's used to it of course and poses for me like a pro.  I think some day soon Lizzie will a hire a manager, a booking agent and a publicist, but for now she is content with being "paid" with dog treats.  She hasn't turned into a diva yet but I must confess that she is spoiled beyond measure.


Happy Easter from Lizzie!


There are a number of different components that go into a photo shoot like this.  I have to pick out a costume, decide on props to include in the photo, choose a background etc while my wife helps to direct Lizzie's attention during the actual shoot.  But there is another part of the preparation that is extremely important which many people may not think about.  Grooming the subject!  Preparing Lizzie's luxurious coat for her photo sessions is well beyond my skill set so I leave that to the capable hands of Kelly at Petsmart.


Lizzie with her stylist Kelly



Kelly does a great job grooming Lizzie and this of course plays a major part in the final look of the images that I take.  Kelly and Lizzie have truly bonded over time and this is very evident as you can see from these pictures.  So a big "Thank You" to Kelly  for being so good to Lizzie and treating her as if she were her own, and also for making her look so "chic."  Lizzie's fur grows fast so we will see you again soon...



"Grooming is done, how do I look?"




Two divas in the making...




Kelly (stylist) and Lizzie (dog) cuddle together after the grooming session




Lizzie waits with Kelly to be picked up by Mommy and Daddy




Hello Oscar. What an awesome blog on your fur baby. She is beautiful. The two beautiful "diva's" are making the same Diva face!
Awesome photography. I follow you all the time. You probably feel me looking over your shoulder.

Thanks for sharing your talented photos. Great work.

alison Copsetta(non-registered)
She is so precious!! Your pictures are beautiful.
And you can see the happiness in Lizzie's smile.
Love it!!
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