Oscar Dean Photography | Roadside vegetable stand

Roadside vegetable stand

October 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Whether I am driving on country back roads or modern highways, I always have my photographic eye on the lookout for interesting photo opportunities.  I am usually prepared by having my camera ready to go on the passenger seat next to me in case I do see something that catches my fancy.  For quite a few years I have driven by this small barn-like structure whose doors will open for several months of the year and the owners will sell fresh fruits and vegetables from this location.  They were not open for business on this particular drive-by but for some reason I was drawn to the scene and pulled over to explore some possibilities to take a nice photograph.


Although it was late in the afternoon but too early for the proper sunset, there was a pleasing sky and the rich greens of the grass and trees were a nice complement to the blue sky.  The red and white barn added another pop of color while the two boulders served as anchor points and additional items of interest.  Normally this place is bustling with people but without them in the photo I feel the image has an almost pastoral dreamlike quality.  Perhaps one day I will drive by this place again and they will be open and serving their customers and I will stop and capture another photo.....but this time with a completely different mood.



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