Oscar Dean Photography | Photo of the Week #39 - Eviction Notice

Photo of the Week #39 - Eviction Notice

September 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Photo of the Week is posted every Monday.  Each photo aims to document the things I've seen, places I've been and all sorts of curious things I have encountered as I go about my daily activities.  Along with the photo I will provide some background and interesting facts about the image and some technical information as well.



During my many long drives on the highway, I very often come across some strange, funny and amusing things.  One day it could be a clever vanity license plate or a witty bumper sticker or maybe some inappropriate words written in the dirty grime on the back doors of an 18-wheel semi-trailer.  My day seemed fairly ordinary the day this V.W. Golf appeared before me chugging along at a snail's pace, barely able to transport its load up moderate hills.  What was its destination?  Is someone moving or has someone been kicked out and evicted from their home?  These were some of the questions that I pondered as I peered into the car's glass free rear window.


I did not have my DSLR camera with me on this occasion but instead I had my Canon Powershot A620 point and shoot camera.  It is so much smaller and compact than my 40D but it did a great job in capturing the car while I was driving.  They say duct tape has thousands of uses and can secure most anything, let's hope that the tape was able to secure the owner's belongings during this precarious (and hilarious) trip to who knows where...


Equipment and Settings

Canon Powershot A620
1/400 sec at f4.1, ISO 50
Lens set at 29.2mm


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