Oscar Dean Photography | Photo of the Week #38 - Bigelow Pond Waterlily

Photo of the Week #38 - Bigelow Pond Waterlily

September 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Photo of the Week is posted every Monday.  Each photo aims to document the things I've seen, places I've been and all sorts of curious things I have encountered as I go about my daily activities.  Along with the photo I will provide some background and interesting facts about the image and some technical information as well.



Although I am a lifelong resident of the state of Connecticut, I have not visited every state park that is contained within its borders.  As of late, I have been attempting to rectify that by going out to see the various parks and forests with the aim of experiencing the sights and sounds that each park has to offer.  The few that I have been to so far are diverse in their own way yet they are all rich in their beautiful charm and quiet tranquility.  Connecticut's state parks are for everyone to enjoy but for sure they are a photographer's dream.


The photo above was taken at Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union, CT.  It is known for its hiking trails through the forest, lakes for fishing and plenty of picnic areas to eat outside in the splendor of nature.  During this visit to the park, I took a variety of photos including the wide angle "let's take in the whole scene" pictures.  Sure, wide angle shots are great but that's what everyone takes so I spent some time looking for details.  Capturing photos of the park from many different perspectives such as wide angle, zoomed in, vertical or from a higher position in a tree, will allow you to tell your viewers a compelling story about this place.


Looking around as I approached the large pond, I was actually disappointed by what I saw, not necessarily because of the pond itself but rather the quality of light that was harshly washing all over the scene.  The warm golden light of sunrise or sunset would have been ideal but I was there at mid-day, which is usually the worst time to take outdoor photos.  Since I take full responsibility for being here at the wrong time, I was forced to work harder to create an impactful image. 


I decided to turn my attention to the lesser seen details in and around the pond and it was then that I saw the waterlily gently floating amongst some lilypads on a secluded area of the water.  I changed my lens to the 70-200mm and zoomed in to get the flower closer in the frame.  The thick canopy of trees came to my rescue by blocking the sun's harsh light and created an environment more suitable for capturing my subject.  Blue and green are complimentary colors and they go together well in the photo and the white flower's bright contrast makes it pop out to the viewer.  As still as frozen glass, there was not a ripple in sight to detract from the meditative aura of the picture.



Equipment and Settings

Canon 40D
1/100 sec at f8, ISO 640
Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS USM lens set at 200mm


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