A near miss!

January 29, 2017  •  3 Comments

No matter where you are or what time of day or night, you may be presented with all sorts of photo opportunities. Recently I was in the area of our local airport taking care of some errands when it appeared to me that something was about to happen.  A Delta jet airliner was making its approach to the runway and all seemed normal until I noticed another element in this unfolding story.



Just ahead of the plane I saw a flock of black crows flying directly in the jet's path!  This was no joke!  I was literally expecting to see these birds get sucked into the engines and feathers being blasted out of the exhaust.  Faster than you can say "crow soup" I grabbed my camera and made a feeble attempt to capture what was about to happen.  The birds and the plane looked like they were playing a game of chicken, each holding their position and waiting for the other challenger to fold and turn away.  And then with extreme control and precision, the birds quickly sprayed out in different directions as the Delta jet roared through the sky into the path of where the birds had been just seconds before.  It was a very close call but not one bird was harmed during this crazy ordeal and the plane landed safely with the passengers that were most likely unaware of the drama that took place outside their windows.


After this was over I took a few moments to collect my thoughts and process what I had just witnessed.  It was kinda scary to even consider the tragedy that could have taken place had those birds caused an engine failure.  Here's hoping that the next spontaneous event that I photograph will be less intense than this one...



Hi Oscar,
I look forward to your photos and your blog. Not only are your photos beautiful, but the blog you write, intensifies the subject and makes me feel like I was there. Thank you for sharing your work, As you can tell I am a follower.

Oscar Dean Photography
Thank you for your comment Theresa, and yes, it was pretty nerve wracking there for a second.
Theresa V.(non-registered)
Wow, what a story! It could have been newsworthy if the end result were different but I'm glad everything turned out OK. I just love the clarity of the airplane against that rich blue sky.

Theresa V.
Winslow, AZ
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